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Réflexions, opinions, témoignages, récits, poèmes, histoires personnelles, billets d'humeur ou d'humour... WE ! write est un espace de lecture et de publication pour toutes les femmes ouvertes d’esprit, curieuses et naturellement en... verve.

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WE! write
Claire Landers
Durban, Afrique du Sud - South African

The Anguished knight

The pleasure is mine whispered the knight to himself
as he gallantly lifted his bow
The arrow was plucked with his tender touch
as he patiently aimed at his foe.
At lightning speed and a soft moan from his throat
He knew he had drawn first blood.

In the darkness that followed, torment and despair
were there at the path that he chose
What lay ahead could not be seen by himself or others in tow
Would the loss be his alone to carry
or would it be shared by the one he had chosen to parry.

Being a knight, alone, the cross he did carry
Until a dark night in the cold
When the story was told to the one that he loved
and she was drawn into his fold
The anguish was felt for years to come
Would forgiveness ever take hold.

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