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Réflexions, opinions, témoignages, récits, poèmes, histoires personnelles, billets d'humeur ou d'humour... WE ! write est un espace de lecture et de publication pour toutes les femmes ouvertes d’esprit, curieuses et naturellement en... verve.

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WE! write
Mad or creative ?

Like many,I'm always so busy.I homeschool,I write,I'm passionate,meaning there's always something that drives me or compels to have a good rant(on paper). I have 2 gorgeous,lovely,bright children who constantly require my attention.We also bake,cook,experiment..A lot of fun,but it can be totally exhausting. When I go to bed,I still have so many ideas swirling in my head,I find it really hard to switch off.I lay there,dog-tired,wishing for sle (...)

WE! write
The Conflict in Darfur and the Western Medias

I want first of all to thank the anti-genocide coalition for inviting in Swartmore. I must thank the Ash Center of Ethnopolitical Studies in Philadelphia and Katie Ashmore. I’m really pleased to visit your campus to know more about you and your commitment against Sudan atrocities. I have also noticed that this admirable interest is not limited with Sudan but extended to other countries like Congo or Burma. Coming back recently from Tibet, I (...)

WE! write
Collecting Fine Art

Art News released in its summer issue the new 2009 list of 200 art collectors. This year Roman Abramovich the Russian billionaire has entered the top 10 in the first position. He purchased Francis Bacon's Triptych for US$86.3 million (€61.4 million) (a record price for a post-war work of art) and Lucian Freud's Benefits Supervisor Sleeping for US$33.6 million (€23.9 million) (a record price for a work by a living artist). He has also opened an (...)

WE! write
Winter, nearly over

Golden light, finally filters through the naked trees. Ground still hard, but life is poking through Gingerly, with trepidation. Fine green shoots of hope and promise. Crocus, snowdrop, daffodils, Tiny fingers reaching for the sky From the secret womb of the earth. Their message is one of renewal, the cycle of life beginning again, Heralding the softer breath of Spring.

WE! write
his last

he told me he would leave for the party he said he felt bad about it and asked me i told him to go or stay, it didn't matter i had to sleep at some point anyway but he stayed not for me or because not for the night, wet and silent beyond the big window he stayed for his own pleasure for a piece of him that was already mine and enjoyed as i did when he collected his clothes embarrassed by his pettiness by the look of me sate (...)

WE! write

Woman, women out of earth Thirsty lips, seeking for water Faraway, there were just sky &tree What are these suffers for? Is there any ability to reach water? Water behind boarders Fish are fastened Lonely tired hands, but effortful Training, seeking, growing And this woman is the one lasts… "Woman"by Neda Darzi-Oct 2002

WE! write
The Anguished knight

The pleasure is mine whispered the knight to himself as he gallantly lifted his bow The arrow was plucked with his tender touch as he patiently aimed at his foe. At lightning speed and a soft moan from his throat He knew he had drawn first blood. In the darkness that followed, torment and despair were there at the path that he chose What lay ahead could not be seen by himself or others in tow Would the loss be his alone to carry or wo (...)

WE! write

With delicate wings of frosty light, my heart soars into greater hights in a frail dream of angelic blue skies.

WE! write

Like the winds of the Cyclades suddenly falling from clear blue skies furiously running over open seas your music just turned my world into a fierce turmoil of boiling waves In the distance - a new horizon...

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